Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Christmas snuck up on us this year. With Thanksgiving just a few days ago, we nearly forgot that Santa was coming to our little town tonight.

Liam and I were on a quick run to the only grocery store in town, when the cashier asked if we were on our way to see Santa. We arrived at the city park just in time to see Santa pull up on a fire engine covered with Christmas lights, to the sound of the high school band's holiday tunes. There was a pretty good line, so Liam decided Sara needed to meet Santa tonight, since she'd never seen him before. So we headed home, rounded up Daddy & Sara and hurried back to the park. Daddy & Liam waited in line in the rain while Sara and I hung out in a covered area.

All this time Sara was babbling and grinning at everyone, happy as could be to be watching all the smiling kids around her. That is, until we set her on Santa's lap. But being parents, we did take a picture to document this precious moment in her life. Liam has an identical one from his first meeting with Santa.

John snapped the picture quickly and I grabbed Sara so Liam could chat with Santa for a while. For those of you wondering, he asked for Magic Treehouse books, and warm fuzzy footed glow-in-the-dark pajamas. One of Santa's helpers gave me a goody bag for Sara, and she immediately started cooing and smiling again. Good times.

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Snowmommy said...

I'm proud of you for capturing those precious moments!