Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Good Point...

Liam hangs out with me in the morning as I'm getting ready for work. It's one of the rare times he gets me to himself, and he likes to be a helper by getting things for me, like my jewelry. And in the meantime we chat about life. Here's a recent morning conversation...

Him: Mommy, why do you curl your hair every morning?

Me: I like my hair curly, and I think it looks nicer that way.

Him: But it's not curly anymore by the end of the day, so really, why bother?

He's going to make someone a great husband someday...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mini Donuts, Moowiches & Motocross

Yesterday was John's birthday, and the only day he could make it to the Lynden Fair, so we geared up for a long day. I'd taken the kids on Tuesday and Sara had two full-blown screaming fits in the course of a couple hours, and if you've heard her scream you know how fun that can be.

We visited the animal barns and the local tractor display. Then we actually found a (mostly) healthy, non-greasy lunch of pulled beef sandwiches & fresh corn on the cob. John and Liam headed for the rides, while I took Sara to the farming community area for some less noisy fun. Sara could have spent the whole day coloring & digging in the "potato patch".

Then John called, wound up because he'd lost Liam's ride pass. I had handed it to him at lunch, so he and Liam were re-tracing their steps to see where they'd dropped it. They made it to where Sara was playing and John was fully frazzled. I left him with the kids, to go see if anyone had turned it in where we'd had lunch. Imagine my surprise when I found the ticket still sitting on our table - no one had snatched it up in the half hour it'd been sitting out in plain view (it was neon pink and hard to miss!). Only in Lynden.

I'd planned on taking a break to head to my mom's for a nap for Sara, so I grabbed her a (somewhat healthy) snack of chocolate covered strawberries on a stick, for the walk back to the car. We made it just outside the Fair gates and she was sound asleep. So guess who got to watch the hypnotist show uninterrupted?

After she woke up we hung out with the animals a bit more, Sara drank most of my iced chai tea, then we met up with the boys. We took the kids to John's parents house, then got to go out to a grown-up meal at a restaurant without a playground, without anyone wearing a bib or spilling a drink. And then I made the ultimate sacrifice, to prove my love for my wonderful husband: I went to a motocross event at the Fair. Love you, honey!

And now we're paying for it with two tired, cranky kids. But still wouldn't change a thing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well, He Has a Point...

Overheard this morning at the Swedberg house, in the hustle & bustle to get to church on time...

Me: Liam, that's not dressy enough for church. (He was wearing a basketball t-shirt with words all over it, and too-small athletic shorts.) Please put on the clothes I laid out for you last night.

Him: (with significant whine in his voice) But I want to wear this. When do I get to pick out my own clothes?

Me: (not in the mood to argue, as I still had to get Sara dressed & fed) When you have your own house.

Him: But this shirt won't fit me when I'm that big!