Sunday, December 14, 2008

Careful, Santa's Watching!

Is it just me, or do other parents hear more "creative" excuses for misbehavior as we get closer to Christmas? Liam likes to use our big water cooler jugs as drums, jungle gyms and anything else he can dream up. We're okay with it, as long as he isn't climbing on them.

John and I were in the living room with Sara tonight, and suddenly Liam crashes in from the kitchen, tipping over the full (and fortunately, closed) water cooler from the kitchen. I asked him what happened, and he says "It followed me from the kitchen." So I dig a little deeper.

"How did it follow you?"
"It attached to my leg."
"And how did it attach itself to your leg?"
"Well when I was climbing on it, I think maybe my pajama leg got stuck."

It's okay buddy. Santa's all done shopping, you've got one or two gifts under the tree, and this elf does NOT want to go back to the mall again to return anything. Not that I'll let him in on the secret, and spoil my best current excuse to prompt good behavior: "Remind me Liam, does Santa bring gifts to good little boys, or naughty ones?"

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