Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas morning

Most years we do our own thing in the early morning, opening gifts & stockings from Santa at home with the kids. Then we head over to my mom's around 10:30 and get together with our immediate family (my mom, step-dad Pete, and all their kids & families) to have breakfast and open presents.

My parents often use this morning to fill us in on what family trip they've planned for the year. In the past we've been to Mazatlan, Disneyland (twice), Hawaii, Mariner's spring training, on a houseboat in B.C., and on a Mexican cruise. Yes, we know how lucky we are. They claimed that it was just too difficult to put together a trip this year, because of everyone's schedules, but I wasn't buying it (and John is my witness!). This year we found out we're headed to a lakehouse near Chelan, just after Labor Day weekend. Matt & Jeff will likely bring along their water toys (a boat & jet skiis), and we'll dig out Liam's lifejacket so he can join in on the fun.

After breakfast we all gather around the tree so Pete can play Santa - with a helper, of course. I can remember waaayyy back when Alison, Emily & Jacob (who are now 20, 17 & 16) were the elves, helping pass out presents. How fun it is to see my son get a turn! And the women in the family (which now includes Alison!) plan their shopping trip for next week, to go invade Alderwood Mall for anything Santa missed, and just spend some fun time together. In case I don't say it enough, we feel incredibly blessed by our family.

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