Friday, December 26, 2008

Sharing the Love - thanks Tiff!

I was tagged by Tiffani, and am now supposed to blog/admit to five addictions or obsessions that I have. Let's see...

1. Facebook. Totally addicted. What an amazingly simple way to keep up with everyone you've ever met in your entire life!

2. Sleep. Maybe it's because I have a baby/alarm clock who goes off at random hours, but I snatch up every opportunity my husband gives me to sleep in.

3. One Tree Hill. I didn't watch this show until just a few weeks ago, it's a silly trashy teen drama. But I caught the first episode on SoapNet and have been watching it ever since, and episodes air 5 days a week (thank goodness for DVR). I'm still not caught up to current episodes. But eventually I'll get caught up and then have to watch it once a week like everyone else.

4. Family time. Can't get enough of it. I still call my mom almost every day, just to chat. I'm blessed with an amazing family.

5. Homemade presents. Thankfully Christmas has passed now, so I'll get a breather. But I had so much fun making homemade gifts this year that I'm keeping an eye out for fun new "recipes" & mixes to try out.

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Snowmommy said...

You were awarded, not tagged. Copy the little picture and put it on the post. Oh, and FYI, Gooseberry Patch has a sale right now, good time to get some new books!