Friday, February 6, 2009


Am I wierd that I'm thankful for both the obvious blessings and the supposed disasters that happen in my life?

John was laid off at his job last week, along with 1/4 of their work force. I'm thankful that now John gets a glimpse into my life as he stays home with the kids. I'm thankful that my boss needed extra help and I can now work 40 hours a week. I'm thankful that my boss is also my aunt, and a mom who allows me to be so flexible with my schedule.

I'm thankful that this happened when Sara's nearly one year old and can manage days with Daddy. I'm thankful Liam is such a big helper for Daddy when he gets home from school after lunch, and I'm thankful he can dress himself and brush his own teeth so mornings are easier for John than they once were for me.

I'm thankful that I was rear-ended while driving John's truck in early January, so we got a lovely check from the driver's insurance that's tiding us over now. I'm thankful it's an old beater truck that we plan to run into the ground, and don't need to spend the check on fixing a couple dents and paint chips. I'm thankful we were able to do some emergency repairs on the van with some of the money from the truck's accident.

I'm thankful for the giddy squeals Sara lets out each night when I come home from work, and that Liam says he'd rather have Daddy home because they can read through the Magic Tree House books together faster.

I'm thankful that John and I are really at peace with the situation, and are sleeping as well as our kids and our new schedule allow us to. I'm thankful for the prayers and thoughfulness of friends & famly while we adjust to this temporary change, until John either finds another job or his old work can re-hire.

It may seem a little backwards to feel so blessed in these times, but it's really made me appreciate all we do have. Love, laughter, and a blessed life.