Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pumpkin Yumminess

Liam is my assistant every time I bake or cook. He helps me read the recipe, measure things out and dump them into the bowl, stir, and occasionally crack an egg or two. I like to think it's only because he wants to be helpful, but I think I've realized the real reason: he gets to lick the beater when we're done. Daddy gets to lick the other one because, well, he's the Daddy. Then I sneak a few licks from the bowl while it all cooks. Everyone gets their own bit of the batter. But now we're going to have to re-think it our division of the wealth - Sara wants in.
I was making pumpkin cupcakes tonight for Thanksgiving, and gave Sara a little taste off my finger while Liam was inhaling the batter off the beater... but she decided she wanted a little more than a taste. For the first time, she did the sign for "more"... and how could I not reward her for that with another taste? And another... and maybe one more... Just wait until I put the cream cheese frosting on them tomorrow morning! :)

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