Monday, January 5, 2009

My Two Oldest Kids Sledding

So I've been a bad blogger - it's been too long since I've put anything up on here. That's what happens when your baby has a fever & clings to you for a couple days straight - not a lot of free time to type (plus it's even more challenging when Sara tries to "help" me type). I'm not going to make up for it all tonight, but I'll try to put up this great video from a snowy Christmas day at my Mom's, plus a few photos.
We had a very white Christmas, up to two feet deep by some accounts. This, of course, meant that the kids (Liam and my cousin Jack, all bundled up in the photo), and the "big kids" (my husband John, Alison, Emily, Jacob & Jeff) had to go out and play in it. I love that John's right out there in the middle of the action, because (1) Liam loves playing with Daddy, and (2) it means Mommy gets to stay inside where it's warm & dry.

The video is from John's point of view as he and Liam go down the hill at Grandma's house on our sled. Well, John goes all the way down. Liam gets lost on the way, but both of them laugh through the whole trip. I'm so thrilled they captured this moment on video, so we can listen to the giggles over & over again.
Alright, it's too late at night for me to be fussing with a video that doesn't want to upload. So if you want to see the video, go to and search for '4swedbergs'. Or see if this link works: . Enjoy!

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