Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Santa's "Nice" List

I'm taking a cue from Tiff and writing about "When Things Go Right." We have moments of pure chaos in our house, and kids testing their limits (and ours). But then there are the moments when you see that you're doing things right, and shaping your kids into pretty special people.

I volunteered at the Book Fair at Liam's school on Tuesday. Liam had earned $15 of Book Fair money by selling butter braids in a PTO fundraiser, and I told him he could get whatever he wanted with his money. I figured it would be a good math and money lesson, and we could add up each of the books he found for himself together.

Liam walked through all of the bookshelves, looking carefully at everything. Finally he brought me a toddler counting book, and said he wanted to get it for his cousin Jaidyn for Christmas (act surprised, uncle Matt!). I told him it would be $13, and he wouldn't have money for any other books for himself. He said that was all he wanted to get, so I offered to split the cost with him, since we usually pay for Jaidyn's gifts. We worked together to figure out what half of $13 was, and that it meant he had around $8 left to get something for himself. Instead he found a baby book for his sister Sara, and insisted that was all that he wanted to get.

Kinda makes up for the battle of the wills he had with Daddy the previous night. Almost.

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Tiff said...

Awwww, what a sweet thing to do!

Good job, Liam!