Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Whole New Level of Excitement

We have had a baby before. You'd think we would remember how one day, suddenly and without much warning, your child can reach a whole new level of things they shouldn't be touching. But we were not prepared the first time, and here we go again.

In just the past week or so, Sara's much more comfortable and sturdy standing up and moving around. Her crawling is nearing warp speed, and she's even attempting to walk (though fortunately, she's still needing to hold onto hands for this achievement... unfortunately for our backs, though).
I was nice enough to bring home 60 shiny new toys from Costco for Sara today. And here I thought I was getting granola bars for John & Liam's lunches, silly me.
One of Sara's favorite new games is to completely empty something (diaper bag, toy box, whatever), then selectively put things back in. It entertains her and gives me a moment of quiet (without the panic that can sometimes accompany the quiet moments heard by mothers).
She's also started with peekaboo, which I tried to capture on film. I just can't believe she's getting so big so quickly. At least we won't have to carry her around much longer. :)


Snowmommy said...

Are you rethinking a Christmas tree this year? Have fun with that!

Erin said...

Nope, but we've already decided - we're getting a wee tree. Like about 2 feet tall, so it can go up on our tall table, along with all the gifts. At least until she learns to pull up a chair...