Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am Fabulous (too)!


I was tagged by Holly's blog. And now I've tagged you! You must copy the button, (go to this blog for the link: then blog about why you are fabulous. So here are my reasons:

I love my friends & family with my whole heart. I've learned as I get older that it's okay to tell even my pesky little brothers that they're loved, and remind my husband & kids daily how much they're adored.

I'm a good cook, and an even better baker. When I do it. :)

I can be silly with my kids. I'm currently having a Lego battle with my son, spraying big Legos out of our mouths towards each other, and not thinking about the mess afterwards. Yes, it looks just as goofy as it sounds. And I'm watching Sara belly laugh at us both.

I'm crafty, but in a good way. We're making (which we all know means I'm making) homemade gifts this year, to skip going into debt yet again and to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

and per Liam, when asked why his Mommy is fabulous:
"She had Sara in her belly."
"She makes the right decisions."
"I got born by her."
"She is brave in the dark."
"She fixes me things that I can try to eat, and I like most of them."
(How can you argue with that?)

and my husband says:
"Because you keep me grounded. When I'm not, you point it out to me." and "When anyone asks you for a favor, you do it if at all possible."
Okay, what he said first was "Because you're my wife, the mother of my children." I told him I couldn't type that with a straight face. Yes, sometimes we're just that cheesy.

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Snowmommy said...

And you are a great friend!!!