Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been busy with our new schedule in the new year. I work two long days, and John's taken on additional work a few nights a week, so we don't see each other (or have help with kids) Monday through Thursday. It's temporary and necessary, and probably makes us appreciate each other more when we are all together. This means my house is (incredibly) messier, dinners are less homemade, and I'll probably be blogging less.

Here are a couple photos from the last few weeks, to catch you up on our lives.
Sara has started climbing everything, and is so fascinated with our dishwasher. Daddy wasn't watching quite as closely, and suddenly she was up & inside it.
Sara is definitely an avid eater. She can polish off a banana at speeds you wouldn't believe, and here you can see her munching on whole wheat pasta circles, and begging for more of John's Blizzard ice cream (he was too slow!).
Liam got some Christmas money, so we went to a great toy store in Lynden. He had his choice of so many great educational toys. THIS is what he chose. Yep. He's a five year old.

Liam was a shepherd in our church's Christmas program. He had several verses to read, and did a great job.

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