Friday, June 26, 2009

What IS Normal, Really?

I love that our kids look at things differently, that they're creative and think outside the box. We allow them to learn by making mistakes, and they've been learning so much this week!
Sara is learning how to feed herself with a spoon and fork. I'm not sure if I encourage it because she needs to learn how eventually, or if it's just so cool that I don't have to feed her all the time. Either way, we let her get messy in the process. That's how she'll learn, right?
So I let her feed herself a container of yogurt this week. She was doing so great that I stepped away for no more than a minute (I swear!), and when I came back she'd found a new utensil to practice with. Yes people, that is her toothbrush. Maybe she's just multi-tasking?

Liam loves playing with those little suction toys that pop up loudly from wherever you attach them. He should have paid more attention to his older cousin and learned that they can leave a teensy, totally unnoticeable mark if they're left on your face. Nope, it's hardly visible at all, buddy. I'm sure no one will notice. Now sit still so Daddy can take a picture of those totally unnoticeable spots on your face so we can harass Alison all over again...

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Stephana said...

lol....tooo funny!!!