Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chili & Pumpkin Guts

Thanks Gordon & Tracie, for having us over this weekend to play in your barn, sample yummy chili, and dig up pumpkin guts with our kiddos (and our friends & their kiddos)! We always look forward to a party at their place, because we know it will be entertaining... if for no other reason than to hear over a dozen kids blowing their whistles at one time (thanks again Gordon & Tracie. Liam's whistle has "disappeared" somewhere...).

Seriously though, it was great to get out, visit with friends, and eat our fill of a variety of chilis (7 different kinds!). Plus we got to carve Liam's pumpkin without much mess to clean up - their pigs took care of that goop, with a warning to the kids to watch their fingers lest they be confused with a pumkin seed.

And now we know that Sara is a fan of cornbread, especially Holly's. I didn't even need to clean up her mess, because Tracie's pups were ready & waiting for all of Sara's crumbs.

We feel really blessed to have such a great group of friends, whose offspring pair up so well with our kiddos. They even offer to tote around my littlest one (see pictures) so I can have my hands free for a meal for once. What a fun, loud, crazy night. Maybe Liam will catch up on his sleep before school tomorrow.

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