Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheeri-Oh My!

Finding time for a shower can be difficult with an 8-month-old around the house. I've tried putting Sara into her exersaucer in the bathroom, but she screams when I'm behind the shower curtain. Her own bath time is one of her favorite things, but mine? Not so much.

So some days the only time I can get in a shower is when Liam hangs out in the living room with Sara, safely in her exersaucer. Usually I put down a few Cheerios to keep her occupied, and give Liam permission to give her a few while I'm gone. When I popped back in today before getting into the shower, I learned that I need to be a bit more specific in my definition of "a few". Though this does explain why she's so content to have me disappear and leave her with Liam...

After we'd gone out to run errands, I left the kids with John while I brought in groceries. Like a moth to a flame, those Cheerios called Sara back again... and she climbed up into the bottom of her exersaucer to eat her fill. Liam started hauling some of the Cheerios away in his plastic dump truck, but you can see she found that, too. Oh well, at least they're not a sugary cereal!

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