Sunday, January 31, 2010

Settling In

As promised, here are pictures of the new place.
We just finished emptying out the big storage container yesterday, and are now in the endless process of sorting and unpacking.

We're claiming one of the three garages as Garage Sale Central, and will be emptying it out one weekend during garage sale season. Anyone need a room full of kids toys? Treasures left here by the previous owner? :)
The kids are sharing a room until we build a third bedroom this spring, but it's going so much better than I'd anticipated (or feared). Other than Sara's nighttime chatter and Liam's sometime early mornings, it's actually going really well.

We've got a big kitchen with nice newer appliances, and windows that actually look directly outside. More importantly, we're just minutes away from family and friends.

And John's finally got his man cave. There's a big shop with a wood stove, where's he's already hooked up his stereo and my old college mini fridge. He can escape the craziness of kids, and not freeze his buns off. :)

We're all happy to be DONE moving, and are now just crossing our fingers that our old house finds new owners soon.

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