Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Tornado

I may say this again and again, but I still can't get over how different two children in the same family can be. Same parents. Same genes. Yet completely different little people.

Today I've been posting outgrown toys and baby items on craigslist to sell, or putting them into boxes for goodwill or consignment. And I have this little tornado following me throughout the house, emptying every box I fill.

If anything goes missing in our house, we know Sara's just found a new home for it. We check in our shoes now before we put them on, and don't blink when we discover the potato masher in the bathtub.

Liam wasn't too happy tonight when he discovered how she's "helped" with his homework by coloring all over it. I explained that his teacher would know that Sara helped, and we could still read his spelling homework through the scribbles. Now we've put it high up on the fridge so she can't reach it. Hopefully she doesn't scoot a chair over to reclaim it.

It's usually better after Liam gets home from school, because then they entertain each other. Although that can also lead to an even bigger mess. They're currently tossing bean bags around the living room with a shovel, and Sara's sitting in a dump truck inside a cardboard box. When she's not hauling around a big empty water bottle and trying on my shoes.

Yep, she keeps life entertaining. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

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